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Join the third annual Toronto Disability Pride March

Melissa Graham

August 27, 2013

As summer draws to a close, the time is once again approaching for another Toronto Disability Pride March. Since 2011, this march has been bringing attention to issues faced by people with disabilities in Toronto, by calling on them to take to the streets and unite against the oppression we face.
This year the need for this action is blatantly clear. Incidents like the hate letter sent to the family of an autistic teenager, the numerous incidents between Toronto Police and people with disabilities documented on the mainstream media, the disregard towards people with disabilities shown by politicians in this latest by-election, and of course the ever present threat of cuts to our quality of life. As discouraging as all of this may seem, events like the Toronto Disability Pride March serve as a reminder of the power that people with disabilities have when we unite together.
It is worth noting that similar marches and events have taken place in the UK and across the United States, as people are beginning to recognize the power of collective action in the disability movement. These events are changing the conversation about what it means to be a person with a disability. We are no longer a special interest group, or people just trying to blend in to an able-bodied world. We come from all walks of life, as diverse as the communities we come from, and together we can unite to fight against the issues that impact us one and all.
Be loud, be proud, and come march with us on October 5, 2013, starting at 1:00pm in Queens Park, Toronto. For more information see our website.

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