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Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists in Egypt: Stay in the streets ... all power to the people

Revolutionary Socialists

July 3, 2013

Every Egyptian should be proud that millions went out into all the streets and squares of Egypt. Not only are they making their own history, but the history of all humanity. They have confirmed that all power lies with the revolutionary people, not with the Brotherhood and not with the National Salvation Front, not even with the army or the police. All must now be silent and listen to the thunderous voice of the people, demanding the fall of the regime and the achievement of the goals of the January revolution, for which thousands paid a price in blood.

An unprecedented revolutionary situation has developed over the demand that the failed president and his group leave power. Practical steps towards taking power are being taken, by shutting down provincial governors' offices, and expelling the governors who are affiliated to the Brotherhood in many provinces, confirming the principle of direct democracy in governorate elections. In order to achieve this we call on the workers and the masses to form their popular committees in the workplaces and neighbourhoods.

The speech by the Minister of Defence raised more questions than it answered, with its vague wording and expressions open to varying interpretations. It gave government and opposition 48 hours to agree a way out of the crisis but raised fears of deals and compromises, such as the temporary handover of power to the president of the Shura Council (Morsi's brother-in-law).

The failed regime is still resisting, and this is unacceptable to the masses of 30 June, who have rejected the Brotherhood's rule. And although the Minister of Defence's statement began by stressing non-interference in politics, it ended by indicating his participation in the drawing up a road-map for the transitional period, building it into the political process.

We are confident that the revolutionary people will not accept any scenario which does not include Morsi's departure and early presidential elections. We call on all the revolutionary forces and partners in the Rebel campaign to stand against any deals, American pressure, or coups. We affirm that any transitional government must have the following as its priorities:

1. immediate steps to achieve social justice for the benefit of millions of poor and low-income who paid a greater share of the price of Morsi's failure, and that of the Military Council before him, to implement the goals of the revolution.

2. Election of a Constituent Assembly, representing all sections of the people - workers, peasants and the poor, Coptic Christians and women - to write a civil, democratic constitution which entrenches the values of freedom and social justice

3. The drafting of a law of transitional justice which holds to account the Brotherhood for the blood it has spilled, as well as the Military Council and the symbols of the Mubarak regime, and achieves retribution for the martyrs and injured of the revolution.

Despite our appreciation of the people's joy at this great mobilisation and the signs of victory, the theft of the January Revolution by a deal between the Brotherhood and the Military Council in February 2011 and what followed thereafter, stands as a warning. We must remained prepared and mobilised in the streets, exercising constant pressure so as not to leave any chance for traitors and opportunists to steal our glorious revolution.
We affirm that the general strike is the weapon for all wage-workers, employees and professionals. It is an even more powerful weapon than sit-ins and demonstrations, for it was strikes which finished off Mubarak. Strikes will be our weapon to resist any deals or an attempted coup against the demands of the masses.

Glory to the martyrs! Victory to the revolution! Shame on the murderers!
The Revolutionary Socialists
2 July 2013

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