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Bahrain's 'Strike of dignity' faces down repression

Yusur Al Bahrani

February 14, 2013

Thousands of men, women and children are marking the second anniversary of the revolution in Bahrain by taking to the streets today, Thursday.

Peaceful supporters of the revolution challenged the oppressive Al Khalifa regime with a general strike and civil disobedience in cities and villages from 5am.

Workers refused to work and decided instead to participate in the protests. Students missed school to join in too. 14 year old Hussain Al Jaziri was among them.

Government security forces swarmed the village of Daih where Al Jaziri and his classmates were protesting. They opened fire using internationally prohibited shotgun.

According to the Al Wefaq opposition group, the government forces deliberately killed Al Jaziri shooting him in the upper part of his body three times.

One eyewitness said, “Suddenly, one of the mercenaries faced the martyr and shot him several times. His friends struggled to save his life, but they couldn’t.” Al Jaziri was pronounced dead at the Salmaniya medical centre.

Demonstrators in other areas have also been attacked. One protestor from Sanabis, said, “Its dark. There are security checkpoints everywhere. Teargas canisters are being shot into people’s homes. Children can’t breath.”

Another eyewitness from Draz said, “Immediately after the call to prayer, we heard the sounds of shooting. The security forces don’t want us leave our homes for prayers. They fear another peaceful protest.”

Despite the death of a teenager and many arrests, revolutionaries in Bahrain have a won victory over the regime—workers are on strike, shops are closed, students are not in school, and no financial transactions can be made.

Our “strike of dignity” has paralyzed the regime and coincides with the King of Bahrain’s call for dialogue with the opposition.

With broken promises of reforms and systematic oppression, the government can’t hide behind this “dialogue” anymore.
Republished from Socialist Worker (Britain)

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