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Video of Jan. 26 OFL rally against Liberal Convention

Nadine MacKinnon

January 28, 2013

This is footage of the rally organized by the OFL (Ontario Federation of Labour) against the ugly Austerity Cuts implemented by the Liberal Government of Ontario under Dalton McGinty. Bus loads of teachers descended on downtown Toronto and marched by the thousands to the Liberal leadership convention at Maple Leaf Gardens. AWESOME!!

My trusty camcorder and I went down to support workers & in particular, the teachers who were magnificent in their ire against the Liberal governments undemocratic gutting of collective bargaining rights & Bill 115! Their signs were eloquent and imaginative!

Sign OFL's petition to stop unfair attacks on workers and tax fairly!

-Ontario austerity and rank-and-file resistance
-Bill 115 = union busting
-The fight's not over after Bill 115's repeal
-Resisting Bill C-377 and the attack on union rights

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