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State capitalism in China in the midst of capitalist crisis
The Chinese ruling class tries to deal with capitalist crisis
Last year saw the Eighteenth Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) meet in Beijing, out of which a new...more)
Unnatural disaster: super typhoon Pablo kills 1500 in the Philippines
Ruins of Cateel, Central Elementary School
Thousands die needlessly in second super typhoon in Southern Mindanao.
Southern Mindanao lies outside of the Philippines' very wide typhoon belt. In 2011, it was hit by a category 5...more)
UAE: escalating attacks on online activists
The Western-backed UAE dictatorshp is cracking down on online activists
It all started as precautious measures to prevent the country from falling into the wave of the Arab Spring that...more)
When history means managing the message
Harper rewrites history
As I write Stephen Harper continues to ignore the hunger strike of Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence. In this context it...more)
Coal port expansion will produce more climate change than Northern Gateway pipeline
Vancouver is set to increase coal exports that would release more carbon into the atmosphere than all of the oil exports from the planned Northern Gateway Pipeline.
Vancouver is set to become North America’s largest coal exporting port if the Port Metro Vancouver corporation approves two new...more)
Idle No More, from Canada to Mexico
From Idle No More to the Zapatistas, indigenous struggles are rising
Canada’s colonial past continues in the present. Battles over natural resources, massive inequality of income, lifespan and cultural freedom, and...more)
Quebec austerity budget: zero deficit policy benefits 1%
The PQ government have continued to reveal their true colours as defenders of the 1%
In November we reported that the PQ budget shows how bankrupt the strategic vote was. The PQ exposed themselves as...more)
Michigan: wake up call for the Canadian labour movement
The attacks on union rights show that bargaining as usual won't work. We need rank-and-file militancy
The passage of "right to work" legislation in Michigan has been called a catastrophe for the US labour movement. Michigan,...more)
Idle No More: First Nations rise up
Looking at the rising Idle No More movement for indigenous sovereignty in the context of Canadian colonialism.
"Canada has become one of the wealthiest countries in the world by using the land and resources. Canadian mining, logging,...more)
Statement by All Together on the South Korean presidential elections
what is more effective in order to prepare for the struggle from below.
We understand people feeling that they have no choice but to vote for Moon Jae-in in order to stop Park...more)
The struggle for abortion rights in Ireland
Savita Halappanavar should not have died, and she should be the last woman in Ireland forced to choose between an unwanted or unviable pregnancy and her life.
Savita Halappanavar died because women are not free to control their own bodies. Halappanavar, who was a dentist in Galway,...more)
Ottawa teachers confront Liberal leaders
Action on the picket lines sparked opposition to Liberal leadership candidates
Many hundreds turned out in the cold wet snow in Ottawa to confront the Liberal Leadership debate at Carleton University...more)
Showing solidarity with teachers in my neighbourhood
A guide to building solidarity with teachers in your neighbourhood
Elementary teachers at Toronto’s Pauline Junior Public School were in good spirits today—part of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario...more)
Egypt: Mursi narrowly wins first round, but struggle will continue
Judith Orr reports from Cairo on the first round of the counter-revolutionary constitution
The results from the first day of Egypt’s referendum poll on Muslim Brotherhood President Mursi’s new constitution show a majority...more)
Sandy Hook: tragedy and perspective
Perspective on the murder of 20 school children in Connecticut.
The mass shooting at the Connecticut elementary school that left at least 27 dead, including 20 children, has rightly horrified...more)
10 years on: solidarity with Grassy Narrows
December marked the 10th anniversary of the Grassy Narrows fight
On December 2, 2002 Grassy Narrows Anishnabe Community Members mobilized in a powerful direct action to stop the destruction of...more)
The natives are restless. Wondering why?
Idle No More is about saving ourselves, writes indigenous blogger âpihtawikosisân
Picture this. You and I are sitting at my local laundromat slash fair trade café, and while you warily wait...more)
Make the revolution permanent
Independent activity by the working class will determine whether Egypt's revolution becomes permanent
Obama was right to be worried about Egypt, but now he probably wishes he was wrong. Just as Israel’s bombing...more)
Street clashes in Egypt over constitutional change plans
The ongoing revolution is exposing the contradictions in the Muslim Brotherhood
Mass demonstrations across Egypt by hundreds of thousands of people have forced Muslim Brotherhood president Mohamed Mursi to withdraw a...more)
Inside Egypt's constitution
Egyptians haven’t ousted Mubarak to replace him with another dictator.
Egyptians haven’t ousted Mubarak to replace him with another dictator. The name of the ruling party changed, but the demands...more)
Are we losing the fight for civil liberties in Canada
Mass mobilization has the greatest potential to defy and defeat repressive legislation
In the wake of 9/11, governments around the world, including Canada’s, passed harsh “anti-terror” legislation that attacked basic civil liberties...more)
Tunisia: 'The people want another revolution'
The working class who overthrew Ben Ali are organizing against the new regime
The general strike that was supposed to take place in Tunisia yesterday was called off, following a last-minute deal between...more)
Egypt: political crisis deepens as mobilizations continue
Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians mobilized across the country in opposition to the looming constitutional referendum
Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians mobilized across the country in opposition to the looming constitutional referendum on Tuesday. Short distances...more)
Remembering the 1934 Teamsters rebellion
How one of the most bloody strikes in the history of America launched a state of mass unionization.
In 1934, the American economy was in a deep recession. While the 30s in the US are remembered as a...more)
Egypt: Morsy struggles to get out of crisis
President Mohammad Morsy and the Muslim Brotherhood, from which he comes, continued to resist popular pressure with a half-hearted concession...more)


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