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Marxism 2022: Changing the world in an age of capitalist crisis


in-person and online Hamilton, Toronto, and Vancouver BC , ON
Ontario CA

Marxism 2022: Changing the world in an age of capitalist crisis

Saturday June 18, 2021, 10am Pacific time, 1pm Eastern time.

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The impacts of war, climate chaos, inequality, oppression and colonialism are felt by masses of people while the small ruling class get richer each day. This is how capitalism works. But people are resisting. Workers are organizing and striking. Indigenous Land Defenders are putting their lives and land on the line to stop the destruction. Thousands are marching to make the bosses pay for their crisis. We need to get rid of the capitalist system altogether. How do we achieve this? What are the strategies and tactics that can win a world of peace and equality?

Join us for a day of discussion and inspiration at Marxism 2022 - Changing the world in an age of capitalist crisis.

Topics include:

  • Confronting the multiple crises of capitalism
  • How do we stop the rise of the far right
  • Fight for workers' power
  • Building revolutionary movements in Canada

The conference will take place online and in-person at local hubs. Register here for zoom link and locations of the in-person hub nearest you.

This is a free event, solidarity donations are welcome

Suggested donation: $5-$10 low wage/student, $25-$40 waged

Zoom info:
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Meeting ID: 880 1022 3971
Passcode: 621304


Saturday, June 18, 2022 - 13:00
Organized by: 
International Socialists

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