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Right-wing terrorism strikes Charlottesville
We need mass movements to confront the forces of hate
In an act of terrorism, a white supremacist drove his car into a crowd of anti-racists in Charlottesville, Virginia, killing...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Interview: Sarah Leonard on socialism in America
Editor at The Nation discusses the openness to radical politics
Sarah Leonard is a senior editor at The Nation and an active member of the Democratic Socialists of America (...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Thousands of Egyptian textile workers on strike
The Mahalla workers, who helped spark the Egyptian revolution, are on strike again
Thousands of textile workers are on strike in the Egyptian city of Mahalla. Workers at the government-owned Misr Spinning complex...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Interview: Linda Sarsour on building the movements against Trump
The co-chair of the Women's March on Washington discusses movement building in the era of Trump
Linda Sarsour is a prominent Palestinian-American political activist. Sarsour is perhaps best known for her work as one of the...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Disabled people leading the resistance
Inspired by the disability activists in the US? Join Toronto Disability Pride March
Disability activists are back in the spotlight again thanks to Trump’s attacks on the Affordable Healthcare Act. The disability rights...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
The Fight for $15 & Fairness isn’t over. It’s just gearing up
Facing attacks and complacency, we need to keep building the movement
Bill 148, the Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, has been referred to the parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance and Economic...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
BC NDP wavers on Kinder Morgan pipeline
With the NDP wavering, we need to build the September 9 rally to stop Kinder Morgan
With the election of the Green-NDP provincial government in BC, climate activists across the province celebrated what they hoped would...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Why we say: no platform for fascists
There can be no free speech for bigots intent on destroying free speech and unleashing violence
The climate of Islamophobia and anti-immigrant racism that
we see being stoked in Europe and in the US since the election...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Solidarity with Swissport Workers
Worker safety = flight safety
Last Thursday evening 700 baggage handlers (including cleaners) in Teamsters Local 419 voted 95 per cent in favour of striking...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Labour for $15 and fairness
The same mobilizing that won Liberal announcement of wage raises must continue to make it a reality
Another Labour Day is coming up at the beginning of September and in Toronto 25,000 union members are expected in...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
We want Woodbine workers to win
OLG are gambling with workers lives
Slot machine workers at Woodbine Racetrack have been locked out by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG). The more...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Chippewas of the Thames: “This will keep us fighting!”
The Supreme Court sided with oil corporations, but that won't stop the Chippewas and their supporters
In a hugely disappointing decision, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled against the Chippewas of the Thames First Nation (COTT)...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Kosovo and the fight for self-determination
The rise of Vetëvendosje represents a rejection of austerity and a desire for self-determination
"No negotiations!" is the calling card slogan of Kosovo's Vetëvendosje party, an anti-austerity, leftist movement that focuses on the self-determination...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Kinder Morgan: we still say no!
While Trudeau supports the destructive pipeline, the climate justice movement says NO
With the election of the Green-NDP provincial government in BC, climate activists across the province celebrated what they hoped would...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Toronto vigil for Indigenous children and youth
The Canadian state is celebrating its 150th in the midst of a suicide epidemic of Indigenous youth
Grassroots Indigenous women of Tkaronto started a vigil for Indigenous children and youth in front of INAC’s (Indigenous and Northern...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Climate justice: join Aamjiwnaang’s fight against Chemical Valley
Join the movement against chemical colonialism
“Stand with the community of Aamjiwnaang First Nation in their fight against environmental racism in Canada’s toxic Chemical Valley.” So...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
BC: Liberals ousted, pressure the NDP
We need to push for $15/hr minimum wage, end to Site C dam and affordable housing
It’s been a long wait, but 51 days after the BC election, the NDP is in and the Liberals are...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
No money for the war machine
We need money for care, not warfare
The Federal Liberal government has announced a massive increase in military spending over the next decade. They are planning to...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Hands off Omar Khadr
Bigots are defending the torture of a child soldier, burying the history of Harper's regime and spewing Islamophobia
Well, the fireworks may have been better than usual but other than that Canada Day 150 was pretty much a...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Interview: Bhaskar Sunkara on American socialism
Activist and Jacobin editor discusses the audience for socialism in the age of Trump
The following interview with Jacobin founder and editor Bhaskar Sunkara was conducted at the second annual People’s Summit in Chicago,...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Fight for $15 wins: how to beat the employers' counter offensive
After exploiting workers, employers are claiming that the minimum wage increase isn't fair
Within 24 hours of the historic breakthrough by the Fight for $15 & Fairness campaign , where Kathleen Wynne’s Liberal...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
A people's history of Canada
On July 1 celebrate 150 years of resistance to the Canadian state
This year the Liberals are spending half a billion dollars on celebrating Canada’s 150th. This will have wide appeal, but...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Capitalism and wages
Wage increases don't affect prices/values but do reduce capitalist profits
When bosses and pundits bemoan the success of the $15 an hour minimum wage campaign here or in the US...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Interview: Peter Julian on running for NDP leader
NDP leadership candidate discusses the importance of UNDRIP and environmental protection
The United Steelworkers organized a debate with the five federal NDP leadership candidates in Toronto on June 22. The following...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
NDP leadership and the fight against austerity
The NDP is committed to reforming an unreformable system, but the leadership debate can create space for movements for change
With three months left in the Federal New Democratic Party leadership race questions are being asked as to why it...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)


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