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‘Spirit of Hope’ draws war criminals to Toronto
“Henry Kissinger, you can’t hide – we charge you with genocide!”
On May 26, 2016, about 100 feisty demonstrators from Actions4Palestine welcomed some of the planet’s biggest war criminals at the...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Confronting the new Jim Crow
The "war on drugs" was a counter-revolution against the civil rights movement
As the Black Lives Matter movements continues to gain international prominence and challenge police brutality and systemic racism, The New...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
The growing fight for $15 & Fairness
The fight for 15 is raising wages and working class unity
Since its relatively modest beginnings in the fall of 2012 when a handful of fast food workers in New York...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Anti-War activist Daniel Berrigan dead at 95
The Jesuit priest and his brother were repeatedly arrested for protesting war
One of the iconic opponents of the Vietnam War, US Jesuit priest Daniel Berrigan, passed away in New York on...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Quebec’s municipal workers fight back
Thousands of municipal workers protested the Liberal government's austerity measures
On May 12, thousands of unionized Quebec municipal workers greeted elected municipal officials with a protest at the opening of...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Trudeau: don't deport Mohamed Harkat to torture
The Liberals have signed a protocol against torture, now they need to make this commitment a reality
The Trudeau Liberal government has just made a public commitment to sign on to the UN Optional Protocol Against Torture...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
The Philippine elections
Duterte tapped into people's anger against corruption and inequality, but he won't be able to deliver change
The Philippine elections have been making international headlines for two reasons: because Rodrigo Duterte won a clear victory, and because...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Solidarity with Fort McMurray
Solidarity includes a just transition for workers so we can prevent the next catastrophe
Last month Ken Smith, an oil sands worker from Fort McMurray, talked the threat of climate change and the need...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Climate justice transitions
Transitions in the climate and economy have led to a transition in climate justice politics
The devastating fires in Fort McMurray show the urgent need to transition to an economy that supports people and the...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Québec solidaire local economy tour
Quebecs anti-austerity party is fighting for local economies and a $15 minimum wage
Quebec’s anti-austerity party, Québec solidaire, has launched a series of tours of Quebec’s regions to consult with local communities outside...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Iraq: war diverts resources from preventing collapse of dam
Years of imperial intervention have allowed the Mosul Dam to crumble, becoming a ticking time bomb
In the early 1980s, in the midst of the Iran-Iraq war, the "Saddam Dam" (now Mosul Dam) was built to...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Toronto Library workers: strike threat and community support pushes concessions off the table
Building from their 2012 strike, library workers mobilized their members and supporters to resist austerity
Toronto Library workers in CUPE 4948 stared down all the concessions that Mayor John Tory was attempting to extract in...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Justice for Gilary Massa!
Maternity leave under attack: unite, fight back!
About 100 people joined the downtown Toronto rally and march on Mother’s Day, May 8, to support Gilary Massa. The...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
The Leap Manifesto and oil workers
The strike by US oil workers last year shows how labour and environmental groups can build solidarity
The discussion over the Leap Manifesto which erupted after the NDP Convention seemed to reopen the debate over jobs versus...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Videos: climate justice panel discussion
A panel discussion on Indigenous rights and just transition
Last month, the Ideas for Real Change conference featured a panel discussion with Indigenous activist Myeengun Henry, oil sands worker...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Tell Trudeau: let war resisters stay
Canada should be a refuge from militarism
Despite growing public pressure, the Liberal government is still pursuing the litigation against war resisters that started under Harper, re-litigating...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
NDP convention: to stumble or to leap?
The NDP ditched Mulcaire and voted to study the Leap Manifesto, but is this enough?
From April 8-10, a convention took place in Edmonton to decide the future of the NDP. At the end of...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Soviet Princeton: BC's radical history
The history of the early Communist party, the workers they helped organize, and the right-wing forces they fought
No, not that Princeton. This is a story of the little town in British Columbia’s Interior Region, which suffered from...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Ghomeshi trial shows justice system is guilty
A system that puts survivors on trial is guilty
Last month saw a wave of anger appear as Jian Ghomeshi was acquitted of sexual assault and choking charges. After...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Remembering Viola Desmond
Viola Desmond reminds us of Canada's history of anti-Black racism, and of resistance
Some have referred to her as the Canadian Rosa Parks. But Rosa Parks could be called the American Viola Desmond...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Students and workers fighting for change
French student have taken to the streets supporting the unions in their fight against the socialist prime minister Francois Hollande’s...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
May Day: Toronto airport workers united
Airport workers celebrated May Day by fighting for $15 and fairness
On May 1, International Workers Day, unorganized workers from the Fight for 15 and Fairness campaign joined workers from the...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
INAC occupations: solidarity with Attawapiskat
INAC occupations challenged the legacy of colonialism and built solidarity with Black Lives Matter
Last week Council of Mothers ended their occupation of the Vancouver office of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC), after...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
May Day: democracy rising
Struggles are rising, from the US to France to Egypt
This May Day there’s something in the air: an air of democracy which is running through the American primaries and...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Fight for $15, from Chicago to Toronto
Working class struggle is building, from Chicago teachers to Toronto airport workers
On April 1 the Chicago Teachers’ Union and the Fight for $15 launched joint strike action. Then on April 15,...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)


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