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Ford’s Tories trying to put the freeze on kids with autism
Protest against Ford's cuts to support for autistic children
Ontario Tories plan to end funding for many families with autistic children
On a bright but cold winter morning, families, therapists and support worker from across the province assembled outside the Ontario...more)
“Capitalist dinosaurs, tremble, the world will change”
Gilets jaunes in the place de la République in Paris, Photo CC by Thomon
The Yellow Vest movement in France arose to take on tax increases; they are increasingly moving against capitalism.
The Yellow Vests (Gilets jaunes) movement in France has been raging for four months now, since November of last year...more)
Build the stewards’ assembly
A stewards’ assembly is taking place on March 25th called by the Toronto and York Region Labour Council. Over 1,000...more)
Québec students vote for unlimited general strike
AFEA general assembly, photo  by Éloi Halloran
More than 30,000 students in 6 regions of Québec have voted to strike later this month
Québec post-secondary students, who launched the largest and longest student strike in Canadian history in 2012, are now gearing up...more)
Imperialism and resistance in Haiti
Haitians protest the coup that toppled Jean Bertrand Aristide
The people of Haiti are in revolt. The immediate reason for the uprisings is the pilfering of billions of dollars...more)
Ontario students in revolt
Students protest Ford's cuts to education
Students all over Ontario are marching against the Ford government’s cuts. spoke with student organizer Mohammad Ali about the...more)
Tuition Freeze Now, cross campus solidarity, and keeping the fight alive
Burn the Palaces brought together students and workers from several campuses
The Tuition Freeze Now movement is building a stronger student movement
It is not often that you can find a room full of activists from at least three different campuses and...more)
49 years of cuts at snəw̓eyəɬ leləm̓ - Langara College
Students at snəw̓eyəɬ leləm̓ - Langara College protest 49 years of cuts
College administrators have presided over 49 years of declining living standards for students and workers at snəw̓eyəɬ leləm̓ - Langara.
This year snəw̓eyəɬ leləm̓ - Langara College is celebrating it’s 49th anniversary. The choice of an odd year to celebrate...more)
Activists shut down bigots in Toronto
Community members protest hate in Toronto
Two far-right rallies fizzle in face of anti-racist mobilization
The sun was shining on Saturday February 23rd in Toronto, but that wasn't the only reason to smile in the...more)
Nuclear-armed India and Pakistan close to war over Kashmir
Kashmiri students in Dehradun protest after hostel managers forced some of them from their lodgings just as far right mobs hunted them
The governments of India and Pakistan have no genuine interest in the lives of ordinary people in their countries, and neither do their backers in Beijing and Washington.
India and Pakistan are once more on the brink of terrible conflict. And again the disputed and divided region of...more)
Capharnaüm, a film of chaos and miracles
Still image from the film Capharnaüm showing two young children
In her film, Capharnaüm, Nadine Labaki lets Beirut’s poor tell their own story in their own words.
The film Capharnaüm , nominated for an Academy Award for best foreign-language film, tells the story of undocumented refugees and...more)
Yellow vests, brown shirts: convoy runs out of fuel
Counter-protest calls for just transition and respect for Indigenous sovereignty. Photo: Council of Canadians
Racists drowned out by counter-protest
They called it “United We Roll”. In fact it was more like “United We’re Trolls”. After weeks of hype, with...more)
PowerShift activists debate a Green New Deal for the Canadian state
Panel discussion at PowerShift
Proposal can challenge the logic of capitalist system
PowerShift, a convergence for climate justice that began in the US 10 years ago, continued in Ottawa this year with...more)
SNC Lavalin corruption roots run deep
SNC Lavalin headquarters in Montreal
Trudeau has made it easier to be a corporate crook in Canada
As the pressure on his government from the latest SNC Lavalin scandal mounted, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told the press:...more)
"They can’t pollute our spirits the way they pollute our rivers”
Manon Massé speaks at Powershift conference
Powershift panel looks at cross-movement solidarities, from the frontlines to the streets
Hundreds of people attended a keynote presentation at the Powershift: Young and Rising conference in Ottawa February 15 th ...more)
Why we need a revolutionary party
An organized revolutionary party is necessary for workers to build their own power to overthrow capitalism.
If you want to change the world you run into some common questions. Why can’t mass movements simply overtake the...more)
"Thou shall not tell a girl she deserved it"
The Specials
Encore speaks to the issues we’re facing today, while also echoing the anti-racist and anti-Thatcher history of The Specials
Review of Encore , by The Specials The Specials have been around in one form or another since 1977, and...more)
How Quebec students brought down a government
Quebec student strike
In 2012, students across Quebec launched a strike against a massive tuition hike that brought down the government.
In 2012, students across Quebec launched a strike against a proposed massive tuition hike. The strike, which was the longest...more)
People not pipelines!
Trudeau and his Liberal government are moving us towards greater inequality and climate crisis
Trudeau and his Liberal government are moving us towards greater inequality and climate crisis
We live in a moment of both great hope and potential horror. There are two interwoven crises. On the one...more)
Racist "yellow vests" outnumbered again
Racist "yellow vests" outnumbered at Vancouver City Hall
Racist "yellow vests" were outnumbered at Vancouver City Hall by two to one.
Chants like “Say it loud! Say it clear! Immigrants are welcome here!” rang out as around 40 anti-racists confronted about...more)
Secrecy and lies shroud Ford plan to privatize healthcare
Ontario’s premier and cabinet ministers hide their privatization plans behind lies
Doug Ford and his Ontario Tory government have no intention of privatizing healthcare services. So said Health Minister Christine Elliott,...more)
Students rise up against Ford cuts
February 4 Toronto rally against cuts to education, photo by  Kevin Taghabon
Students and workers can unite to bring down Ford
February 4 marked the third week in a row that students in Ontario hit the streets protesting Doug Ford’s cuts...more)
Solidarity with Vancouver Art Gallery workers!
Art gallery workers on the picket line
Vancouver Art Gallery workers face greedy bosses and high rents. A victory for them is a victory for all of us.
Workers at the Vancouver Art Gallery, members of Canadian Union of Public Employees local 15, are on strike after being...more)
Fight the right, build the left
The yellow vest movement in France
Fight the right and build the anti-capitalist left
The Trump victory in the presidential election in the United States has given confidence to right-wing forces around the world...more)
Far-right fail in Burnaby, BC
A handful of far right supporters were outnumbered by counter-protesters
Far right fails to find support in Burnaby, BC.
On Saturday, the far-right group, National Citizens Alliance, flew their candidate in from Calgary to drum up support for their...more)


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