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Afghan civilians massacred by occupation
The bloody result of occupation
The brutal killing of 16 Afghan civilians in their sleep is the inevitable result of military occupation. It was greeted with protests around the world demanding an end to occupation.more
Legislation and illegal strikes
What have strikes ever done for us?
As BC teachers organize against Bill 22 and consider strike action, BC teacher Tara Ehrcke looks at the long history of strikes--both legal and illegal--that have been central to winning basic reforms.more
Eulogy for Madeleine Parent
She went out fighting
Montreal poet David Fennario recalls his experience with one of Quebec's leading trade union and women's rights activists.more
Public sector workers protest potential cuts
stop the cuts
On March 1 members of the Public Service Alliance of Canada held a national day-of-action to protest potentially sweeping cuts to federal departments and agencies.more
BC teachers stand strong
Kids matter and teachers care
Among the ongoing stalemate between the BC Liberals and the BC Teacher's Federation (BCTF) - including a three day strike by 41,000 teachers - March 6 saw over 5,000 teachers and supporters gather on the lawn of the provincial legislature.more
Kony's got nothing on Harper
While a viral sensation calls for US imperialism to -stop Kony-, the real enemy is at homemore
What’s next for Québec solidaire?
Benoit Renaud is Responsable à la mobilisation for Québec solidaire, the party of the left in Quebec. We asked him...more
Resist austerity
As the global economic crisis continues to deepen, corporations and governments—from military regimes, to Conservatives, to labour governments—are pushing increasingly...more
The bombs in Afghanistan have landed in Norway
Fascist Anders Behring Breivik has massacred people in Norway, the result of a decade of Islamophobia to justify the war in Afghanistan
A decade of Islamophobia to justify the war in Afghanistan is now spreading violence to the West. Right-wing Islamophobe Anders...more
Support the Quebec student strike
an appeal for solidarity
125,000 Quebec students are on strike against 75% tuition hike. Here's how you can helpmore


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