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How do we stop the rise of antisemitism?


Steelworkers Hall
25 Cecil St
Toronto , ON
Ontario CA

The white nationalism of Donald Trump and many other leaders around the world is creating an environment for antisemitism to grow. How do we on the left confront the rise of this bigotry? How does it relate to others forms of racism and fascism which are also growing? Can we have a principled position against antisemitism and for Palestinian rights?

Lia Tarachansky - Education Director, Winchevsky Centre
Nigel Barriffe - President, Urban Alliance on Race Relations
Jacob Zelig - Anti-racist activist, International Socialists

Join us for this forum to discuss strategies for fighting antisemitism today.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019 - 22:00
Organized by: 
Toronto International Socialists

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