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The NDP, Social Movements and LEAP: How Do We Make Real Change?


Fox and Feather Pub, upstairs
283 Elgin St
Ottawa , ON
Ontario CA

Climate chaos, poverty, inequality, racism and the rise of the far right are the dominant issues of the day. Our governments have done little or nothing to make the kind of change required to end these crises. At the same time, the campaigns of Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party in the UK and Bernie Sanders in the US have inspired millions with the idea that a better world is possible. 

Unfortunately, at such a time of polarization, the NDP remains in the political centre. The party continues to promise timid reform in the hope of being 'electable,' while betraying the climate and Indigenous peoples through supporting pipelines, hydroelectric dams and tar sands in Alberta and B.C. Join us for a public forum to discuss how we can build movements to make the substantial change we need and use the NDP and the Leap manifesto as part of that struggle to build a better world.

Friday, February 16, 2018 - 20:30
Organized by: 
Ottawa International Socialists
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