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Mississauga rallies for choice

Nadine MacKinnon

April 17, 2013

In January 2013, Canadian MP Wladyslaw Lizon, along with two other Conservative MPs, asked the RCMP to investigate all late-term abortions performed in Canada over the last decade as possible homicides. This attempt to target women and physicians as "criminals" is an attack on all women's reproductive freedom. Lizon has also voted in support of anti-choice motions in Parliament.

On the morning of Saturday, April 13, 2013, OCAC (Ontario Coalition for Abortion Clinics) and activists in Mississauga held a pro-choice picket this at the offices of Conservative MP Wladyslaw Lizon in Mississauga.


*MP W. Lizon's contact info--to contact Lizon to voice your support for a woman's right to choose:
Mississauga MP Office Tel : (905) 566-0009, Ottawa MP Office Tel (613) 996-0420, Email:

*Ontario Coalition for Abortion Clinics
Stop the Tories from criminalizing abortion
Mississauga News: pro-abortion advocates picket MPs' offices
Defend abortion on demand
Sex-selection abortion: the latest anti-choice ploy
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