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Transit city: back from the dead
Did Rob Ford have the authority to cancel Transit City?
A recent legal opinion has called into question whether millionaire mayor Rob Ford had the authority to cancel Transit City,...more
Pension's in Harper's crosshairs
Stephen Harper sparked a firestorm in late January, when he warned Canadians to expect sweeping changes to their pensions.
Stephen Harper's proposed changes to OAS (including raising the retirement age) have sparked a backlash that has caught the Tories off guard.more
Time to put aside infantile things
How to build a campaign to the Keystone?
In January, Barack Obama declared that, for the present time, the Keystone Pipeline would not receive federal approval. The Keystone project was led by TransCanada Pipeline, and would have pumped Alberta Tar Sands syncrude to refineries in Texas.more
Language matters
To really understand language in Canada, and the importance of language in Quebec as well, we need to understand where official bilingualism came from.
Trudeau used official bilingualism to neutralize the movement for self-determination in the 1960s, and since then the limited law 101 has been under attack. We need to understand the history of Quebec oppression to understand the limits of bilingualism and the importance of language and self-determination in Quebec.more
Syria: resistance vs intervention
Who will determine Syria's fate
Western powers are threatening to derail the revolution in Syria, intervening directly or through the dictatorships they are arming in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The best solidarity is stopping military intervention.more
How do we fight racism and capitalism?
End racism and capitalism
One of the most inspirational chapters in working class history is the story of black workers in Detroit in the 60s and 70s who challenged both their employers and weak-kneed union leaders in the auto industry.more
Syria: the battle between national resistance and intervention
Hands off Syria, victory to the revolution
In order to stop the bloodshed in Syria, activists around the world should stand against the repression and oppression practiced by Al-Assad's regime against innocent civilians. At the same time, any foreign intervention should be condemned.more
SOPA-PIPA threat to internet free speech
stop internet censorship
Two bills going through the American congress have provoked the largest online protest in history. The Stop Online Piracy Act...more
Guantanamo: ten years of human rights violations
Guantanamo gulag turns ten
To mark the 10th anniversary of Guantanamo prison, Amnesty International held a 10 hour event in Montreal demanding Omar Khadr’s...more
Ottawa Salvation Army workers strike for fair wages
Salvation Army workers strike for fair wages
Sixty Salvation Army aid workers in Ottawa, members of the Public Service Alliance of Canada, went on strike on January...more


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Toronto Steelworkers join solidarity action in Trois-Rivières
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