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Remember Gustafsen Lake
As we build solidarity with the Wet’SuWet’en nation, it’s important to remember the lengths the state will go to to try to crush Indigenous sovereignty.
Twenty-three years ago an NDP government presided over an RCMP assault on Indigenous people on their own land. As allies...more
"My gift today for you is a vision of having peace.”
Keep building solidarity for the Wet’suwet’en nation
Saturday January 12 marked Vancouver’s third day of solidarity actions since the RCMP raid of the Gidimt’en check point where...more
Challenging back to work legislation
The frustration and anger hit a boiling point when postal workers were legislated back
In December, Doug Ford called an emergency session of the Ontario legislature to pre-emptively legislate power workers back to work...more
All nations united with Wet'suwet'en
Around the world, thousands joined rallies to defend the Wet'suwet'en from the RCMP
January 8 th marked an international day of action in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en nation as the RCMP began their...more
Take the path of most resistance
Building on the struggles in 2018, let's make 2019 a year of victories.
The fault-lines are clearer than ever. In 2018, the world got a lot more dangerous – but it also offered...more
Climate action: governments stall while the people rise up
Around the world, more and more people are fighting to prevent climate chaos, and demanding radical action from governments
In a tragic recreation of Nero fiddling while Rome burns, we see our governments using carbon taxation as the panacea...more
Ford’s attack on Ontario’s poorest intensifies
Forcing people off of social assistance and into precarious employment in the midst of a housing crisis won’t move people out of poverty.
Just a couple of months ago people in Ontario living on social assistance waited with bated breath while Ford’s Social...more
Climate Crisis Accelerating – Radical Action Required
The richest 10% are responsible for almost half of total lifestyle consumption emissions.
The working class, not the market, is the key to solving the climate crisis
Dire warnings from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released last month have reignited debates over who is to blame...more
Vision’s ghost haunts Vancouver’s 2019 budget
Budget gives whopping increase to police
On December 18 th 2018, Vancouver city council voted to approve the 2019 Capital and Operating Budget. One section of...more
Climate economy: what could just transitions mean?
Interview with Bruno Dobrusin
The Toronto Good Jobs for All (GJFA) Coalition is busy planning a round table in early 2019 that will involve...more


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Toronto Steelworkers join solidarity action in Trois-Rivières
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Rally outside Morgentaler Clinic January 28, 1988
With mounting attacks on access to abortion, a look at the fight that led to a historic victory in Canada
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