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Movement builds against war on Iran

February 27, 2012

The Canadian anti-war movement is responding to the possibility of a military attack on Iran with demonstrations, pickets and mass meetings saying no to war. March 2—as Stephen Harper welcomes Israeli war criminal, Prime Minster Netanyahu—kicks off a weekend of events to stop Harper from supporting this disastrous war.

The implications of an attack on Iran are immense. The Middle East and central Asia are already in turmoil because of constant US and NATO interventions and any more attacks will result in a much larger regional war.

The Canadian anti-war movement has an important job to do. Harper has called Iran the greatest threat to world peace and has been the most vocal supporter of Israeli policy since being elected. He is also using his platform to spread lies about Iran’s nuclear program.

The Canadian anti-war movement successfully stopped our government from going to war in Iraq, and we need to do the same with Iran—by building the biggest possible movement to stop Canada from heading down the path to war.

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