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From Extinction Rebellion to Revolution


CityStudio Victoria
711 Douglas St.
Victoria , BC
British Columbia CA

The fault-lines are clearer than ever. The climate crisis is accelerating. We need to radically change the way the world operates to stave off environmental collapse and we only have a few years to make significant changes. The recent International Panel on Climate Change report essentially stated that we need to dismantle the capitalist system as it exists, but in response global leaders put forward the same failed policies. International movements such as Extinction Rebellion fight for environmental justice and to stop the planet from spinning out of control.

For there to be any legitimate changes, we must stop the system, cold in its tracks, and replace it with a new system, based on workers power, true democracy, and human need over corporate greed.

The event is pay what you can, with a suggested donation of $5. No one will be turned away for financial reasons.

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- Territorial Acknowledgement -
As settlers, we acknowledge our occupation of lands that are the Indigenous territories of Turtle Island. Furthermore, we support all struggles for Indigenous sovereignty in whatever forms they take by the hundreds of First Nations and Inuit communities that have resided here for many thousands of years, and by Métis communities that have developed in the last hundreds of years.

- Accessibility -
The venue and washrooms are at ground level and are accessible to those with mobility aids and wheelchairs.


Thursday, March 7, 2019 - 19:00
Organized by: 
Victoria International Socialists

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