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New West organizes against Nazi posters

Bradley Hughes

January 25, 2017

Every little racist is crawling out from under their rocks now that Trump has been elected, and over the weekend of January 21 one or two crawled around New Westminster BC and put up a few Nazi posters around one intersection.
One poster showed soldiers with swastikas on their arms confronting armed men or women wearing head scarves. The other showed a key shaped like a swastika promoting “National Socialism” entitled the key to a new Canada.
Local organizers sprang into action. Within days a rally for New West United was called. The Facebook event and posters call for a New West United for equality diversity and community. As the event page says, “Community and faith leaders are coming together to demonstrate that we won’t be silent while people in our community are targeted and made to feel unsafe. “
Any serious opposition to fascists must involve the people of the community that the fascists are targeting. After the city’s MLA (Judy Darcy) and Mayor (Jonathon Cote) got the ball rolling, the organizers were able to bring in representatives of many communities in New West. The speakers at the rally now include, Gurdwara Sahib Sukh Sagar from the New Westminster Sikh Temple, Rhonda Larrabee Chief, Qayqayt First Nation, Imam Yahya Momla, Rabbi David Mivasair, Reverend Emilie Smith and New Westminster - Burnaby MP Peter Julian.
The hopes of the Nazis to inspire hatred and division have clearly been smashed. A huge turnout is important to demoralize them further. If you can make it, join the rally on Thursday January 26, 5:30 – 6:30 PM at City Hall, 511 Royal Ave. Spread the word on Facebook by joining the Facebook event and inviting your friends.

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