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Video: NDP and the crisis of social democracy, part 4

Nadine MacKinnon Media

June 25, 2014

On June 14, two days after the Ontario election, labour activist Ritch Whyman spoke on the panel "The NDP and the crisis of social democracy"--alongside founder Judy Rebick, editor David Bush, and author Nora Loreto. The video of his speech is below, the fourth of four videos.
This was part of the conference Marxism 2014: Resisting a System in Crisis, organized by the International Socialists and media sponsored by rabble.
To continue the discussion, join the radical democracy study series, tuesdays at 6pm at OISE room 8201 (252 Bloor St West, Toronto)
June 24--social democracy: why does it disappoint?
July 15--radical democracy: their democracy and ours
July 29--how do left alternatives emerge: lessons from Quebec, Greece, Ireland
Aug 12--why do we need revolutionary organization?
And join the public forum "Socialists, social democracy elections", tuesday July 8, 6:30pm at OISE


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