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Stop Richtree Restaurant union busting

September 6, 2013

Fifty long-time workers at the Eaton Centre Richtree Restaurant, all members of UNITE HERE Local 75, were laid off in January, and were shocked to find out the restaurant was re-opening non-union, without them, on September 9.  This is a clear violation of labour law, and of these workers’ collective agreement. 
Many of the workers are now struggling to make ends meet.  On Monday, they ought to be reporting for their first day back. But there is a larger issue at stake. If an employer can dodge a union contract by simply renovating and reopening, we’d see far fewer union businesses, lower wages, fewer workers with benefits – but a lot more “renovated” businesses!

All allies are asked to show their support for the laid off Richtree workers on Monday September 9, at a 5:00pm rally outside of the Eaton Center Queen street doors. 

This is only the opening salvo in the fight back against Richtree Market restaurant. They will not be allowed to get away with this.

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