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Marxism 2013: Revolution In Our Time

May 29, 2013

General strikes in Indonesia, Greece, India and Spain; student strikes that  brought down the Quebec government; an Idle No More movement that has challenged colonialism in North America; a revolutionary process that continues to unfold, challening neoliberalism and imperialism in the Middle East. Clearly, revolution is not just for our history books, we are living through revolutions in our time. MARXISM 2013 is a weekend-long political conference of 30 workshops, panel discussions and cultural events, May 31 – June 2 at Ryerson University. Topics and sessions include: 
Indigenous Resistance, Idle No More and the Fight Against Harper | Socialism and Indigenous Sovereignty | Quebec, First Nations and Canadian imperialism | From Red Power to Idle No More
Permanent Revolution: The Arab Spring | Libya, Mali and Canadian Imperialism | Socialism and Islam | From Cairo to Jerusalem: the Arab Spring and the fight for Palestine
Disability, austerity and resistance | The fight for trans liberation | Socialism, feminism and the fight for women’s liberation | The origins of racism | Austerity and scapegoating: resisting Kenney’s attacks on refugees
Why is capitalism in crisis? | Occupy! A brief history of workplace occupations | Teaching them a lesson: the struggle for public education | Fighting fascism: an eyewitness account from Greece | Egypt: class and revolution
What would it take to shut down the Tar Sands? | Energy revolution and social revolution | Marx’s ecology
Revolution 2.0? Social media and social movements | Marxism and Anarchism: what’s the difference? | When Revolution Swept the World: 1917-1924 | Why we need a revolutionary organization
Solidarity Against Austerity: lessons from the front lines | Women, resistance and revolution
From Orange Wave to Third Way? The NDP under Mulcair | Are you a revolutionary? Introduction to the International Socialists
Revolution in Our Time
For information and online registration visit marxism2013.com

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