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Pension's in Harper's crosshairs
Stephen Harper sparked a firestorm in late January, when he warned Canadians to expect sweeping changes to their pensions.
Stephen Harper sparked a firestorm in late January, when he warned Canadians to expect sweeping changes to their pensions. Harper...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Time to put aside infantile things
How to build a campaign to the Keystone?
Some people don’t know a good thing when they see it. In January, Barack Obama declared that, for the present...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Language matters
To really understand language in Canada, and the importance of language in Quebec as well, we need to understand where official bilingualism came from.
Recently the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) denounced the continued downsizing of federal government language training programs. Forcing departments...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Syria: resistance vs intervention
Who will determine Syria's fate
Western powers are threatening to derail the revolution in Syria, intervening directly or through the dictatorships they are arming in...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
How do we fight racism and capitalism?
End racism and capitalism
One of the most inspirational chapters in working class history is the story of black workers in Detroit in the...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Syria: the battle between national resistance and intervention
Hands off Syria, victory to the revolution
Western powers are threatening to derail the revolution in Syria, intervening directly or through the dictatorships they are arming in...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
SOPA-PIPA threat to internet free speech
stop internet censorship
Two bills going through the American congress have provoked the largest online protest in history. The Stop Online Piracy Act...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Guantanamo: ten years of human rights violations
Guantanamo gulag turns ten
To mark the 10th anniversary of Guantanamo prison, Amnesty International held a 10 hour event in Montreal demanding Omar Khadr’s...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Ottawa Salvation Army workers strike for fair wages
Salvation Army workers strike for fair wages
Sixty Salvation Army aid workers in Ottawa, members of the Public Service Alliance of Canada, went on strike on January...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Federal job massacre looms
Harper's swinging the job axe
A new report by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives warns that planned cuts to the federal civil service could...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
After mass protests push back Ford agenda: Stop Harper's budget cuts
Harper prepares Austerity budget
Budget cuts and staff layoffs have paralyzed many federal ministries that provide crucial services. And rumours from Ottawa warn that...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Stop the war against Iran
Harper threatens to join Iraq War 2.0
The world’s most dangerous countries are preparing once again for war, and Canada’s Prime Minister Harper is out in front...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Movement pushes back Ford agenda
Activism works
On the morning of January 17 over a hundred Steelworkers gathered at a union hall in Toronto preparing to make...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Ford's cuts agenda gets pushed back
Mass movement dents Ford's agenda
The first significant salvo in the austerity wars in Canada, Ford’s cuts budget, received a big push-back Tuesday when a...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Nova Scotia students resist NDP cuts
Stop the NDP's cuts
On January 5, Darrel Dexter’s Nova Scotia NDP government released a three-year memorandum of understanding (MOU) it signed with the...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Tell the millionaire mayor: Hands off our jobs and services!
Stop Rob Ford
January 17 is the day when thousands of people in the city of Toronto will demonstrate against the devastating cuts...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Our day has come! Statement from Nigerian Socialist Workers League
Nigeria strikes
Today, we the Nigerian people arise to take our destiny in our hands, as the most massive General Strike &...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Bulldoze Caterpillar Inc.
Support locked out workers in London
Just as the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives reported that Canada’s top CEOs make as much in a few hours...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Stuff the pipe: Enbridge's record
unethical oil
On the day public hearings into the Northern Gateway pipeline project began, one of Enbridge’s US pipelines began to leak...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Solidarity with York region transit workers
transit workers on strike for equal pay
In late December, York Region Transit workers met to consider the most recent offer from the company. They refused to...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
US escalates threats against Iran
Sanctions are the first step towards war
The US is moving closer to a military attack on Iran, as it prepares to implement tough new sanctions. The...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Quebec political turmoil continues
Political instability creates an opening for the left
It now looks like even several years of political scandals surrounding Jean Charest’s Liberal government in Quebec City will not...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Tories declare war on Medicare
Harper wants to cut $21 billion from Medicare
The Harper government unilaterally imposed a health care funding plan on the provinces, which after 2016 will be tied to...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Wheat Board: Harper thumbs his nose at democracy and the courts
Harper hates farmers
Few issues more clearly demonstrate the anti-democratic and arrogant style of the Harper government than its five-year campaign to destroy...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)
Campaign builds against Enbridge pipeline
Stop the pipe!
First Nations groups are leading a growing campaign against the looming threat of the Enbridge Northern Gateway project. Enbridge wants...(<span style="color: #CC0000">more</span>)


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